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Yoke Tune Compound Bows for Better Accuracy

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Archery is a good way to help with your focus that you need to create your works of art. In order to unlock your full potential as a shooter or bowhunter, you have to be comfortable and stay relaxed when taking a shot. archery-660632_640To make this a reality, you need to have a bow that fits you properly meaning the draw length needs to be correct. Another important thing to consider is the correct draw weight for you.

Luckily, there are many charts available on the internet that you can use to know these essentials. Once you know them, you can then look for the best bow that suits you. If you have a compound bow, it’s important to know how to yoke tune your bow. It doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or not, you have to know how to do this.

Yoke tuning is the process of adjusting the control cable from where it splits and forms a Y shape so you can have a perfect bowstring movement when you’re taking a shot. If you are shooting a single cam bow, yoke tuning can greatly affect the performance of your bow. You will see that if your bow is properly yoke tuned, the string will follow a straight line when you launch the arrow. This will make sure that your arrow doesn’t come off in a sideways movement that can disturb the arrow’s trip.

Before you perform yoke tuning on your bow, you need to know if it’s necessary to do it. It’s easy to know if you need to yoke tune your compound bow. You don’t really need to use any hunting equipment to do this.

The first thing to do is to bring the bow to its full draw and then anchoring it like how you would normally do it. Look at the idler wheel and see how the strings are coming off from it. If the string comes of in a straight line, you don’t really have to perform yoke tuning. If the string looks as if it’s tracking off of the ilder wheel to the other side, you need to yoke tune your bow so it will align back to its center.

To start with the yoke tuning process, you need to press your bow so you can reduce tension on the control cable and the bowstring. Once you relieve the tension on this part, you can remove the “Y” cable from the axle pin on top of your bow.

Once you remove the pin, you can then twist (or untwist) the side of the yoke so you can achieve the proper string alignment while you are at full draw. You can give each side a full twist in the direction that you want it to take then do the other side so it can be balanced. After doing this, you can now inspect the string alignment and you can repeat this process until you have a proper route coming of the idler wheel while at full draw.

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