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How to Measure the Current Value of your Gun Safe

Anita Wade, · Categories: Uncategorized

Just like the equipment that we make to create art, we also want to make sure that our firearms are all safe and secure. If you are also into collecting guns, you might have already bought a gun safe to store them in. However, as your collections get bigger, you also need a bigger gun safe to store them in. That’s why many gun lovers want to know how much their gun safes are worth today.

Many advancements and changes were applied to gun safe manufacturing in the last decade. They also expanded their product range really fast with a wide range of safes that are lighter unlike the older heavier safe that Americans made. Because there are many kinds of gun safes available today, it’s important to know the kind of quality that your gun safe still has.

How to identify the value of a Gun Safe

The first step in identifying your gun safe is to locate the identification markings left by the factory. This can speed up the process of figuring out if your gun safe is still worth some money if you put it up for sale. You can try to find the brand and then call the manufacturer to ask them how much your safe is worth today.

Gun Safe Source

The place where you bought your gun safe is very important when it comes to its quality and price. There are gun safes available today that won’t even prevent a determined thief from prying it open. Remembering where you purchased your gun safe or even having the original paper work will contain the features that you need to know about your safe and the specifications for fire safety.

Gun Safe Logos

The fastest way to locate the kind of safe that you have is by looking for the Gun Safe logo. Find the logo and go online so you can google the images and match the gun safe that looks the same. There are about 25 gun safe brands in the USA and most of them produce quality and sturdy gun safe. If you don’t find the logo of your gun safe online, it probably means that your gun safe existed before the internet or that there are not a lot of models that were sold for a good comparison.

Gun Safe Features & Specifications

Some features of the gun safe are also important to note if you want to know how much they are still valued today. They are important because they will determine the price that your gun safe is still holding in the market.

Door Thickness
• Body Thickness
• Lock Type
• Fire Temperature Rating
• Fire Burn Time Rating
• Locking Bolts Size / Count
• Hinge Count
• Interior Style
• Hardware Upgrades
• Delivery Type
• Gun Safe Condition

You can also ask yourself these questions to help you determine how much your safe is worth.

• Has the Gun Safe been used carefully or lightly?
• How is the paint state?
• Does the lock still work?
• Do you have the lock combo?
• Are all the recognizable pieces present?