How to Increase Testosterone

Principles for Increasing Testosterone

This article goes deep into your body’s road map for how to increase naturally boost testosterone. We’re talking about the subtle signals that your lifestyle sends to your body that determine whether resources are better spent increasing testosterone or heading in the other direction. These principles form the core logic that drives all the information and opinion I give on Enjoy.

  Principles for Increasing Testosterone

Negotiation with your inner reptile

If you want to know how to increase testosterone, you have to get inside the logic of your own biology. In this series, we cover the basics about testosterone building, from the inside out. The goal here is not to give you a new exercise or sell you a product. The goal here is to give you something to think about. Ideally, you can take the principles here and make changes in your life that will raise your testosterone levels.

In essence, this article is about learning to speak to the reptilian brain inside you, the one that makes decisions about procreation. If you taking nothing else from these articles, just use this simple question to guide your choices: “What message am I sending my body right now?” That question alone holds a powerful answer to how to increase testosterone.

Principle 1. It’s about making babies.

Or more specifically, it’s about getting women pregnant. The bottom line of your testosterone levels is your body’s willingness to get women pregnant. We’re talking about the deep, reptilian animal part of your brain here– this is not a conscious decision. If your body feels healthy, the animal inside figures that your babies will be healthy. And the hormones respond accordingly.

The critical point here is that your body is choosing whether or not to propagate the species with a single variable, your testosterone levels. As a result, your testosterone levels represent an aggregate calculation of your status on this planet based on a deep, internal wisdom. We as humans didn’t get to 6 billion people by accident. But even if you are not 18 years old and the captain of the football team, there is hope.

Your body knows how to increase testosterone levels. Simple shifts in your approach to living can translate to massive swings in your testosterone levels.

Here is the empowerment: when you realize that your testosterone level is, your body’s way of deciding whether or not you should make babies right now, you can take responsibility for that decision.

That’s right. Drop the victim mentality. Want to know how to increase testosterone? Just make your life a more attractive place for yourself. Your body will respond by deciding it’s a better place to bring kids into the world. Make yourself stronger. Get a new job. Work hard on a promotion. Get a better place to live. When you can look around be satisfied with your life, then your body will respond accordingly.

There’s quite a bit more on how to increase testosterone here.

Principle 2. Abundance.

When your body senses health and abundance, it is ready to make babies. This is most clear when it comes to eating adequate food, especially fats and oils. Many scientific studies have confirmed that diminished testosterone levels result from low caloric intake. This notion makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective: if there isn’t enough food around, the babies will starve.

The abundance principle for how to increase testosterone carries over to other areas as well. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you send the message to your body that you are overworked. Your body doesn’t get the time to repair itself, and your cortisol, or stress hormone, levels increase. This comes directly at the expense of your testosterone levels.

In your career, if you are spending all your time worrying about where your next paycheck is going to come from, then you are not in the zone for making babies. There are all kinds of exceptions to this rule, but in general, a stable source of income exerts a strong positive influence on the male psyche. And when you are making money and moving forward in life, then you feel different in your body. It feels good. That’s the effect of higher testosterone levels.

For all of the above, look at the message being sent to your body when you don’t get enough of something: the world is very demanding, you don’t have enough time or money or food to get by. Under these conditions, there is no reason to make babies. Very simple. At least that’s what your body learns. So if you want to know how to increase testosterone, a simple answer is to find a way to live a life of abundance.

Application: get a better sex life

Many men want to learn how to increase testosterone to improve their enjoyment of sex. There is an interesting positive feedback loop that you can take advantage of with here to get your testosterone moving in the right direction.

Sexual abundance works the same way. If your body is experiencing an abundance of sexual stimulation, the message is loud and clear: “You’re a stud.” By living in sexual abundance, whether with a partner or by yourself, you are keeping the pumps primed on your own personal testosterone-boosters: your testicles.

For example, studies have shown that male mice that are housed in a cage by themselves have diminished testosterone and won’t even mount a female in heat if she is placed right in front of him. Don’t let that be you.

Again, if the question is how to increase testosterone, the answer lies within you. Does your body feel like the earth is taking good care of you? If so, it probably thinks the earth is a good place for babies too. And there go your hormones. Here is a set of testosterone building practices to get you started. And as usual, there is a way to cheat here. I reviewed the best supplements for male libido as well.

The question now is, will you take responsibility for your sex life? Are you owning that part of yourself? This point leads us to the next principle.

There is a very good reason why athletes and martial artists are known for high testosterone levels. Beyond the training regimen, these guys are fearless. They do not worry about getting messed with by anyone. When you are afraid, you body gets a message in the form of hormones: cortisol increases and testosterone declines. This next principle goes into the importance of power to your sex drive.

Principle 3. Power:

When you feel like you are empowered to take control of your life, your body is ready to make babies. This comes from simple fight-or-flight psychology. If your inner reptile spends all it’s time in defense mode, what does it think about it’s ability to defend family and babies? Not so good. So think about this: when you are walking around on the street at night, do you feel safe? Can you manage yourself with amidst all the dark forces that come your way? The answer has deep implications for your body.

At work, are you getting dominated by your boss all day long? Are you a “yes man”? If so, it will impact your testosterone levels. Now, I know the value of having a good, steady paycheck as much as anyone. What I’m saying here is that you need to be your own dog. You need to own that spark, that drive, that wild man within you. You can’t fake it. If you need to find a work situation where your unbridled insanity is welcomed, find it. If you need to start your own business, do it.

Does that feel like a hard line. Perhaps it is. If you need some help along the way, natural testosterone supplements are a place to start.

But whatever you do, if you can find a place where you are in your power, you will thrive. You can own it. You can live it. And your body will respond accordingly. And this positive feeling you are embodying right now as you read this article leads us right into our next major principle for how to increase testosterone.

Principle 4. Love:

Do you love your life? Is it really worth living? Do you love the people in your life? Would you die for them? Do you have anything your would die for? If you found out everything was going to be over next week, would you have regrets? Or on a deeper level, would it be a relief?

These are difficult questions. In moment-to-moment decisions, it is incredibly easy to loose sight of your answers. An example: when some girl is turning you down for a date, are you present to the love you have for your life? Or does it feel like the world is ending?

Loving your life is exactly where your sense of abundance and power are going. When achieve emotional solidity by negotiating a truce with your inner reptile, you can fully love your life. And when you fully love your life, you are ready to make more of it.

This positive feedback loop embodies the art inherent in how to increase testosterone. In essence, these practices are about alignment with your natural reproductive instincts. The instincts we are talking about operate based on an internal logic, and they aren’t easily overridden by your conscious mind. Your access to them begins with your emotions and your physical body. The practices listed here are designed to shape your world to create the experiences that drive your body to want to reproduce. That is the secret behind how to increase testosterone.

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