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How to Choose a Beginner’s Recurve Bow

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To be able to create, we also need another hobby to keep us busy. Archery is a sport and hobbies that will help you maintain your focus and can also help with your artworks. If you decide to start in your archery lessons, here is a guide to find a recurve bow for beginners.

Identifying the manufacturer

A lot of companies make recurve bows but the majority of them only offer low quality products with a lot of problems. Most of the problems that you will encounter with low quality bows are a terrible riser with a tight grip, non flexible limbs, lack of struggle to atmospheric changes and low quality strings.

Bow Weight

You can carry a light bow longer and you will be able to shoot it more without getting tired. You also need to know where you what you will use the bow for. If you are going to use it to go hunting, then you need to buy a lighter bow. However, if you are going to use it for target practice, weight is not really that important.

Draw Weight

This is the amount of force that you are going to put on the string so you can use the bow properly. Hunting bows need to have a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds so you can takedown any type of prey that you choose. If you are going to use your bow for target practice, the draw weight will only be an added bonus and not that important. There are many draw weight charts that you can use to determine the weight that you need based on your body.

Riser quality

The riser should have a grip that is comfortable to reduce the vibrations that you feel during string release. There should also be brass bushings for installation of additional accessories like stabilizers and bow sights. Take note of the material used to make the riser, it should be hardwood or aluminum for durability and lightweight.

Limb quality

The limbs of your bow should include fiberglass. This will make them resistant to bending or breaking as time goes by. There are bows that have more fiber glass content than others so it’s up to you to determine what works best for you. You can also ask the staff about the bows that they have in the store of what they are made of.

Take-down recurve bow

A take down bow allows its 2 limbs to be separated from the riser when you unscrew them (they usually have 2 screws). The advantage of having a takedown bow is that the bow is easier to transport and store. It’s also good because when something breaks in your bow, you don’t really need to send the whole thing in for repair, you can only send the half that has a broken part. The downside with takedown bows is that they are more expensive than regular recurve bows but if it really works for you and you think you need it, the feature is worth your money. Reading on recurve bow reviews will also help you decide!