A Portfolio of My Creative Works


As much as I want to post all about music, art and photography; I also want to be in the know when it comes to other topics—this is the reason behind this blog. This blog will feature topics that are not really relevant in the art world but is relevant to the life of an artist like you and me. Oftentimes, we need some sort of break from creating so much that we have to focus on something else. Artists all over the world will still be able to relate to the topics that I post here because it will have something to do with their everyday lives.
It’s important for me to get to know you because you take time to read my posts. If you have anything to say to me about any topic that you’d like to talk about, I’m all ears. The comment section is there for all of your questions, reactions and short messages. Topic suggestions are also welcome and I am always open for newer ideas for my blog.
My name is Gregor and I love art. It doesn’t have to be paintings; I love all sorts of art from music to photographs and more! Right now, I’m very much into archery and I want to become better at it because it helps me release stress and helps me with my focus. If you want to see my works or have a chat with me, you can reach me through my email address.